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Jacksonville Bathroom Remodeling

When you are looking for a modern bathroom whose classic style will last the ages and suit your personal taste best trading platform in south africa, we have all the options you could imagine. We also have best designers and contractors and have been remodeling bathrooms in Jacksonville for some time now.  We have a background in home renovations, plumping home décor and design. Having seen all the elements that can go into remodeling a home we knew we wanted to focus solely on the bathroom.

The elements of the bathroom can be complicated but also come together to make a beautiful relaxing space. Born and raised in Florida, Jacksonville was the city we knew we always wanted to end up in. We are so very thankful that Jacksonville has opened up their community to us, as we had a pretty good hunch that our bathroom remodeling would also be very well received here.


Our Services

Our services cover all your bathroom remodel needs. If you have a tiny bathroom and are looking for a small bathroom remodel we are happy to help you out. If you are only looking for a shower remodel we can work on that. Remodeling is our passion and bathroom remodeling happens to be where our strength really shines. When it comes to home renovation work, our bathroom contractors will always impress you and never leave you disappointed. When you are in need of a shower replacement, bathroom tiles, or a shower enclosure we guarantee our work will never disappoint you.

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Jacksonville Bathroom Remodeling - Fixture Replacement 2
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Shower & Bathtub

A shower and bathtub in a bathroom require a certain amount of space. There are many ways to install a shower and bathtub that does not require that amount of demolition that in the old days was associated with installing bathtubs. The installation process may take some work but in the long run it tends to be the decision making that comes with choosing which shower or which bathtub that ends up taking the most amount of work.

Fixture Replacement

When remodeling your bathroom it may not be the tub that needs to go, but the faucet fixture. Replacing the faucet can give the entire tub a new look. When you are looking for a fixture replacement we have the best contractors that can work with you to help find the right one that will match your tub and or shower. We also can go through the different features of fixtures and discuss which ones are the most desirable for you.

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Our bathrooms are just not just about bathing. Our bathrooms are our sanctuary to relax and get away from the outside world. Sometimes they are where we go to pamper ourselves. When we remodel your vanity table we ask the important questions of when you are using it most often: is it to relax away from the world, or to get ready to prepare and meet the world straight on?


As designers remodeling or renovating any room in a house we cannot express enough how impactful lighting is.  Of course if you have a vanity table in our bathroom you will want proper lighting for application of any kind of beauty routine.  However outside of that bathroom lighting is also imperative to setting the mood, creating the aesthetic and expressing your own personal style so the sanctuary of your bathroom feels like it is indeed your sacred space.

Shower & Bathtub
Jacksonville Bathroom Remodeling - Lighting
Jacksonville Bathroom Remodeling - Vanity


Bathrooms as beautiful as we can make them there is still the reality that a bathroom is a place for bathing. The amount of water that is being splashed around and going into the atmosphere through humidity is going to affect the entire space. When it comes to a bathroom floor there are obviously certain materials that should not be used. Bathroom flooring has to be specific to the bathroom because the floor will go through quite a lot.

Bathrooms, baths and that time away from the world where you have an hour or more to yourself can be very important to us. This is why some people more than others would be more interested in a bathroom that was designed very specifically to their vision. When you want to create that haven of a bathroom, away from all of life’s stressors, we can do it for you by listening to everything that you want and need and bringing to life your vision.

“Our house was a fixer up for sure. One of the first things we were going to do was install a bathtub. I couldn’t believe it didn’t have one. The upstairs bathroom had the perfect space for it. When we finally got round to renovating that part of the house we were so excited that Jacksonville Bathroom Remodeling would be helping us. They helped us pick out the tub, and compliment the flooring with the tub and lighting. That bathroom is like my little spa now. I couldn’t be happier with how it turned out.” Perti R.

“The bathroom had flooded the year before and we didn’t realize how much of it had actually got under the flooring and rotted. We had to do renovate a big chink of the bathroom so it just made sense to do the whole thing. My wife wanted something more modern and yoga-ish. I just wanted a high pressure shower head. Those guys were great though. They talked to my wife figured it out I got the shower head I wanted and the place looks great.” Jack R.

“I love my bathroom. Bathrooms are quiet and peace and ours has this big amazing window that goes into the backyard. Now we have a big beautiful deep tub that goes perfectly with my vanity table. I can be in there for far too long. It was a luxury and I am so thankful to bathroom contractors from Jacksonville Bathroom Remodeling.” Serena T.

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Our bathroom remodeling company has a reputation to uphold by continuing to create our clients most beautiful bathroom. That being said we also know half of running a business is having great personal relations with our clients. This is even more important when it comes to a remodeling business. For anyone doing renovations the beginning steps is making and solidifying ideas. In order to that you have to ask a lot of questions. We love what we do so we love discussing everything about bathroom remodeling. No matter what your concern is, contact us. We can help you.